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Dr. Manisha Tiwari

  Senior Psychologist

Ph.D & M.Phil in Psychology

M.A. (Clinical Psychology)

Dr. Manisha Tiwari is a motivated, proactive and reliant individual and completed her Ph.d and M. Phil , at the University of Rajasthan. She has experience working with special needs children, distressed young adults. She comes from a strong background of teaching,  working as Principal, Sanskriti College, Jaipur from last 6 years and worked as Head, Dept. of Psychology at ST. Wilfred’s P.G College, Jaipur for 9 years. 

She has attended numerous national and international as well as state level psychology related conferences and acted as organizing secretary for psychology conferences.

She is specialized in conducting psychological tools like tests of cognitive functions, tests for diagnostic clarification, test for adjustment and personality assessment, Psychiatric Rating scale, Psychological assessment of children, Neuropsychological assessment etc. She is experienced in applying therapies like Behaviour therapy, Cognitive behaviour therapy, Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy, Interpersonal and social rhythm therapy, Eye movement desensitization therapy, Supportive psychotherapy etc.

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