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Online Services

With our online counselling sessions, one can now take the advantage of counselling without visiting the clinic, via different mediums of voice call/ video calls. These not only saves on cost but also on the discomfort of travelling and sitting in front of the counsellor/ Therapist. Which also takes away, initial discomfort of facing a counsellor. One can successfully complete all sessions at his/her comfort with online counselling service.


One can also choose/plan a VOICE OR VIDEO CALL AT MUTUAL COMFORT of oneself & the counsellor.

Our psychologists are not only qualified but also are well experienced.

All sessions will be held confidential.


For online counselling sessions, first you have to take an appointment with your counsellor/therapist. Presumably, due to some circumstances, the pre-decided time of counselling can be changed either by you or by the psychologist. In that case, it is compulsory to inform about the appointment cancellation before 3 hours from starting the session.
The session time and charges for personal and couple therapy are different. Please clear all of your queries before booking the session. The time taken in discussing the queries related to charges from the expert will be considered as to be included in the session itself.

​In case of a session cancellation, the amount paid by you will be valid for 5 days, after which the amount paid will neither be refunded nor include in the session.

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