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Telephonic Counselling

Telephonic counselling/therapy is a structured therapeutic relationship ,  where the client and

therapist speak on the telephone, rather than meeting in person.

The main benefit is that telephone counselling/therapy enables certain clients, who would otherwise face barriers to accessing therapy in person, to do so. Some clients are geographically remote, and would have to travel a considerable distance, at a significant cost, to attend in person. Other clients have mobility issues, which hinder them in attending in person. For other clients, the time required out of their schedule to attend in person, can be too great — this is often the case for parents with young children, business people or carers, for example. The result is that these clients simply don't access services, even though they would like to.

In this service experts will take your session on a phone call.


Note: The time limit will be from 45 to 60 minutes.

When clients arrange their telephone sessions, they are provided with a designated telephone number, which they call at the prearranged time, when their therapist will be available to speak to them. Kindly ensure your network zone and a place where there will not be any kind of disturbance/noise from behind in order to maintain the continuity.


All of your queries regarding the problem kindly write it down before, so that time would be saved and session will be successfully completed.

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